About us

It is our mission to provide comprehensive legal support to companies, ensuring top quality and competence and an ambitious and specialized team. Our customers are in an ongoing contact with experts in respective legal areas. The structure of our Firm is composed of three departments managed in concordance with the Management 3.0 agile methodology.

  • Department of economic law, e-commerce, new technologies and real property law.
  • Department of tax law and cases of Swiss frank loans.
  • Department of civil law and intellectual property law.

Specialty. What makes our boutique law firm special? Definitely huge personal involvement of partners in the substantive work rendered by the whole team. The members of our team are experts in individual areas and the team composition has been arranged in a manner allowing for providing high quality legal services to our customers and optimizing their costs.

Experience. We have over ten years of experience gained at respected Polish and international law firms and we keep developing our expertise so as to satisfy even most demanding customers.

Independence. Our law firm is independent and there are no rigid corporate rules in place which are so common in global organizations. Our efforts go to show that top quality of services may go hand in hand with reasonable remuneration reflecting local market rates.

Innovation. We like to act outside the box! In our work we strive to present various scenarios of action tailored to the needs of individual customers, helping them choose the best one.

Cooperation with external providers and knowledge sharing. We cooperate with reliable business partners, including tax advisors, patent attorneys, public notaries as well as bailiffs, in order to duly safeguard the interests of our customers. We like to share our knowledge and experience, posting texts on a special portal for lawyers and entrepreneurs (www.tozalezy.com).



We appreciate the knowledge and independence and high personal culture, which ensures professional relations and constant cooperation with Clients of Law Firm.  We rely on high-class specialists, we provide a path for the development of Talent Management and the possibility of competence development. We offer trainings, substantive workshops, we work on the basis of knowledge exchange and experience sharing. We form a team that has a real impact on the implementation of improvements, introduction of innovations and outlining the direction of development of the Law Firm.

Employment Value Proposal of the Law Firm outlines a profile of candidates who are looking for friendly and ambitious development conditions and want to join our team

High quality and knowledge
Analysis and timeliness
Trust and cooperation
A Friendly atmosphere of support and knowledge exchange

The modern and coherent HR policy of the Law Firm was awarded with the HR Quality Certificate of Institut Gold in 2020

We offer our employees:

  • B2B contract without exclusivity;
  • Large autonomy and initiative in action;
  • Talent system and promotion opportunities in the structure of the Law Firm;
  • Training path, participation in industry conferences;
  • Possibility to join the Sales Department based on an attractive remuneration system;

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