Milana Krzemień

Attorney-at-law, Managing PartnerManages legal activities in the area of company law, mergers and acquisitions, succession and property protection as well as the pursuit of claims related to Swiss franc loans.

Expert in ongoing legal service of economic entities, with particular focus on commercial companies. In this capacity, she drafts, edits and provides opinions on civil law agreements, including labour law and economic law, as well as prepares corporate documents. Her experience includes conducting trade negotiations aimed at entering into agreements and representation of economic entities before common and administrative courts. Provides consultancy on the transactions aimed at purchasing and selling controlling interest in companies, including with the involvement of foreign entities. She conducts company merger processes, processes of providing in-kind contributions as well as sales of companies and transformation of legal forms of conducting economic activities such as transformation into another form of partnership or company, economic activity of spouses or of individual natural persons into partnerships or companies). With her fluent English, both written and oral, including Legal English as well as advanced command of French, she provided on multiple occasions legal services to economic entities with members speaking foreign languages. Graduate of the Law School at the Leon Kozminski Academy of Entrepreneurship and Management in Warsaw (May 2006).  Speaker of English and French


We appreciate the knowledge and independence and high personal culture, which ensures professional relations and constant cooperation with Clients of Law Firm.  We rely on high-class specialists, we provide a path for the development of Talent Management and the possibility of competence development. We offer trainings, substantive workshops, we work on the basis of knowledge exchange and experience sharing. We form a team that has a real impact on the implementation of improvements, introduction of innovations and outlining the direction of development of the Law Firm.

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High quality and knowledge
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Trust and cooperation
A Friendly atmosphere of support and knowledge exchange

The modern and coherent HR policy of the Law Firm was awarded with the HR Quality Certificate of Institut Gold in 2020

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  • B2B contract without exclusivity;
  • Large autonomy and initiative in action;
  • Talent system and promotion opportunities in the structure of the Law Firm;
  • Training path, participation in industry conferences;
  • Possibility to join the Sales Department based on an attractive remuneration system;

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