Disputes on the conversion/declaration of invalidity loan agreements indexed to Swiss francs

What we have observed recently is the strengthening of the standpoint represented by Polish and European courts confirming that, in most of the cases, the activities of banks offering loans in the Swiss franc were and are contrary to the principles of morality and are in gross breach of the interest of borrowers as consumers. We assist our Customers in litigations aimed at recovering receivables unduly collected by the banks. Also, we help them prevent the increase of debt linked to the changes in the CHF exchange rate in the future.

Our services include:

  • analysing contractual provisions in order to establish whether it is possible to pursue claims in a given case
  • assisting in the process of acquiring documents necessary for court proceedings, including statements evaluating the value of the claim
  • representing Customers in litigation against banks
  • preparing requests for opinion on the case submitted to the President of the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection and the Financial Ombudsman