We provide support to our Customers who have commenced economic activity exclusively via the internet or have established an e-commerce store as another sales channel in addition to their traditional commercial operations.

Our customer base includes not only corporate clients with several-years’ long experience in running e-commerce activities, but also entrepreneurs who are newcomers to this sales channel.

Our services include:

  • drafting rules, terms and conditions for providing services via the internet and a privacy policy,
  • assisting in the process of adjusting the rules of foreign customers to the legal framework in place in Poland,>
  • legal support in the process of preparing necessary documentation, such as order forms, complaint procedures or guarantee,
  • consulting on advertising and organization of contests and promotions,
  • conducting legal audits on the application of provisions stipulated in agreements with customers and business partners.

Legal services in the field of e-commerce are supported by experts who specialize in comprehensive consultancy on personal data protection, unfair business practices and intellectual property, including trade marks, copyrights and website domains.