Economic crimes

Our law firm provides legal services to entrepreneurs in the area of criminal law in order to protect their economic activity, including company secrets.

When rendering legal services in criminal cases, we concentrate on the protection of our customers’ economic activity against negative impact of allegations made against them. Our team offers unique experience in this regard as apart from substantive practical knowledge of this field, we are well-versed in the areas of business operation. As a result, we are in the position to analyse issues related to economic crime and prevent the risk of criminal liability.

Our services include:

We are particularly focused on representing our customers in all types and at all stages of prosecution and court proceedings regarding economic crime and fraud related to:

  • transactions involving the use of illegally obtained information and any other activities leading to businesses’ exposure to losses,
  • fictitious transactions and bankruptcy,
  • illicit diversion of assets from economic entities.

Moreover, we provide assistance in:

  • conducting internal investigations and collecting evidence, as well as assessing the value of evidence for a lawsuit,
  • consultancy on minimising the risk of criminal liability and limiting the impact of offences against entrepreneurs,
  • drafting internal compliance procedures in order to streamline the functioning of economic entities and to ensure that their current operations are in conformity with legal regulations, including rapid detection of irregularities,
  • consultancy on determining reasons behind detected irregularities that bear traits of offences and on eliminating their effects.