IT law

Our service portfolio in this area is directed to entrepreneurs who:

  • operate their own software house,
  • create innovative solutions,
  • develop complex algorithms for wearables,

and are short of time or simply do not feel like dealing with formalities related to running their business which they believe to be only limiting their capacities.

Customers who entrust us with legal support may use this freed-up time to come up with even more innovative solutions.

Our services include:

  • drafting IT system development and implementation agreements, outsourcing agreements as well as Service Level Agreements,
  • consultancy on outsourcing, negotiation of contracts for instance for cloud computing
  • drafting, assessing and negotiating agreements on the supply of computer equipment and software (systems, tools, applications)
  • consultancy on cost optimization of licences and maintenance
  • drawing up software licence agreements and developing software management systems as well as other agreements, such as support contracts
  • consultancy in the area of legal certainty of technology transfer when employing new staff or subcontractors
  • handling disputes, including court proceedings.

Our experts in IT law will be in close cooperation with their counterparts dealing with e-commerce, personal data protection and the law of intellectual property.