Personal data protection

As part of our services regarding personal data protection, we provide consultancy on all areas related to the protection of personal data and the right to privacy.

Our services include:

  • conducting audits of compliance of documents and procedures on personal data processing with the requirements of the GDPR,
  • identifying, in cooperation with customers, categories of processed data as well as the scope and purpose of data processing,
  • drafting and updating documents related to personal data protection in conformity with the GDPR, including instructions for IT system management, privacy policy, personal data processing outsourcing agreements, consent for data processing clauses, information clauses and incident response procedures,
  • consultancy on the transfer of data to third countries where an adequate level of personal data protection is not ensured, including in the area of implementing Binding Corporate Rules and Standard Contractual Clauses,
  • developing analyses on the processing of data in connection to modern IT services,
  • consultancy on the processing of employee data, including in connection with the implementation of a notification system concerning irregularities, employee monitoring, and the usage of company devices for personal purposes,
  • support in the case of a breach of personal data security (so-called data leakages),
  • conducting trainings in personal data protection, including the rules set forth in the GDPR, and in particular audit or implementation-related trainings.