Our legal services include tax consultancy both in the form of permanent or occasional cooperation with the Customer. Our legal practice in this regard is focused on the following areas:

Our services:

  • Current consultancy on taxes (income taxes, VAT)
    • We provide current consultancy on taxes and assist our customers in solving issues in terms of income taxes and indirect taxes
  • Mergers, acquisitions and restructuring
    • Tax issues are one of the crucial areas taken into account before taking decisions on or . The solutions which we suggest to our Customers help them attain business goals with minimum tax burdens. We cooperate with Badesta sp. z o.o. sp.k., an accountancy office.
  • Tax consultancy for the real estate industry
    • Both Polish and foreign investors use our consultancy the field of , including short-term lease and flips. We offer tax consultancy at every stage of investment, from planning, financing and implementation to the completion.
  • Tax consultancy for individual customers
    • We render consulting services on taxes for natural persons concerning their personal and family economic situation. Apart from being well-versed in the Polish tax law, we are also experts in other fields of law, such as private law, civil law, family law and the law of succession. This makes us best-positioned to provide our Customers with solutions on asset management, investments and asset planning.