2 grudnia 2020

What is a Trusted Profile?

Adwokat. Specjalizuje się w sprawach z zakresu prawa cywilnego, prawa gospodarczego i prawa własności intelektualnej.

The coronavirus epidemic turned the economic world upside down. Many cases cannot wait to be resolved until the restrictions are lifted. How to deal with official matters when numerous restrictions on leaving home have been announced and the offices do not accept applicants?

During the coronavirus pandemic, having a trusted profile in the Electronic Platform of Public Administration Service is very useful tool for resolve urgent matters.

A Trusted Profile is a free method of confirming a citizen’s identity in electronic administration systems, just like a qualified electronic signature, it effectively replaces the handwritten signature in contacts with public entities. An individual who has it may sign letters, forms or other notifications addressed electronically to public administration offices.

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This method solves the problem of the need to submit documents and deal with official matters personally. The introduction of this solution significantly shortened the time of handling case.

One of the requirements for registering a trusted profile is holding a PESEL (Polish Resident Identification Number).

How to set up a trusted profile step by step when you have a PESEL number already:

  1. open an account with pz.gov.pl
  2. find a confirmation point
  3. confirm the Trusted Profile at the confirmation point or You can confirm it online by an account in Your Bank (Envelo.pl, ING, Inteligo, Millennium, Bank Pekao, PKO BP, BZ WBK, mBank)

With a bank account, you can create your trusted profile without leaving your home, because your bank details have already been checked when you set up your bank account. Therefore, you do not have to confirm your profile in person.

If you have a qualified electronic signature, you can confirm your profile with this signature.

You will have 14 days to authenticate your personal data in person at a Polish consulate of your choice (banks, offices – also abroad). If you fail to authenticate it within 14 days, log on to the trusted profile website and reapply.

You are required to bring the following documents to your appointment at the consulate:

  • application for a trusted profile authentication printed from the ePUAP platform,
  • a valid identity document.

Trusted profile should be authenticated during your appointment at the consular office.

Authentication on the ePUAP platform is free of charge.

Your Trusted Profile is valid for 3 years. After this time, you can extend its validity for another 3 years.

Getting PESEL number

The process is quite simple. If a legal basis for obtaining PESEL number exists (for example, PESEL number can be obtained by members of the management board of Polish companies, foreigners who register in Poland for permanent or temporary residence), foreigners can be granted PESEL number, even if he or she does not visit nor live in Poland.

In order to obtain a PESEL number, a foreigner is required to submit an application to the competent Head of the Commune/Mayor/President of the city.

You can submit the application In person or by a Proxy acting on your behalf.

The waiting period for granting PESEL varies in practice in specific public offices, it is usually takes 30 days.

Obtaining the PESEL number is free of charge service.

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What you can sign with a Trusted Profile?

Electronic signature is necessary to fulfill corporate obligations:

  • Enter company into Polish Register of Beneficial Owners,
  • To sign financial statement of Polish Limited Liability Company

Remember that with a Trusted Profile the member of the Management Board of the company cannot authorize third person to sign electronically above mentioned application.

With the help of the Trusted Profile you will settle most issues for example:

  • filing with the Patent Office of an application to obtain a trademark protection right,
  • submitting an application for entry in the Central Register and Information on Economic Activities
  • submission of an application for a copy of a civil status certificate, including marriage, birth and death.
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What you cannot sign with a Trusted Profile?

  • you will not close the limited liability company
  • you will not make any changes to the National Court Register if the company has not been registered online


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